About Us

Travis McCoy owner of South Pacific Surf has for ever had a long lasting love for the art of surfing and wants to take every one he can from all ages and levels along with him for the ride and try give back the magic surfing has given him! Growing up here in New Zealand and starting surfing at the tender age of 11 with his old man he got hooked and spent the rest of his days surfing and traveling the untapped New Zealand coastline chasing swells far and wide scoring the pumping waves. Travis has had experience surfing competitively in the New Zealand surfing circuit for many years and been featured in several New Zealand surfing magazines a number of times.

After scoring jobs in Ireland, Mexico and finally Indonesia as a surf guide at Mentawai Surf Camp he learnt the ins and outs on running a successful business in the art of chasing waves so thought he would bring that back to his home land where this has all began! so if its from learning how to surf and understanding the fundamental basics, or you already have the basics wired and your trying to improve on certain skills, to chasing waves when the swells are on the pump, or finally if your the ultimate thrill seeker and want to chase big spitting hell for leather slabs we have you covered here at South Pacific Surf where we are a fully mobile school and fully mobile surf tour company, we are itching to get you under our wing and show you what magic awaits you out here in our oceans! Come join our crew and help us grow we would be fizzing to have you! Yewwww.

A video of Trav in Mentawai 2017