Guided Surf Trips

Let us curate the perfect north island surf trip for you. We know when and where to go for all the best spots.

Trav – Experienced Surf Guide

With New Zealand’s unique location on the globe we are lucky enough to have long period swells from the north, east, south and west depending on the time of the year and there’s always a nooks and crannies that will give us multiple options when it comes to chasing these swells. Due to New Zealand geographical location it is very exposed to strong and unpredictable weather patterns so the forecasts are frequently changing on a daily basis as the storms willingly change their path and direction in the final hour making it harder to score pumping waves and all time conditions unless you have a surf guide with inside knowledge and years of experience. Our mission is to get you and your mates to the best waves New Zealand has to offer with uncrowded line ups.

New Zealand has very limited information on certain places and spots making it a tricky paradise to score the goods. Travis has spent 15 years traveling the coastline from every corner far and wide and is amped to take you along with him to ensure you get the full kiwi experience. From pumping A-frame beachies, to long drawn out estuary bars, reefs, shingle river mouths, and endless point breaks. This place has a little of everything for everyone with breath taking scenery to go along with it. From chargers who are after hell for leather drops and spitting tubes to cruisers who are after a bit of playful fun we can do it all.

All Trips are designed to your wants and needs and can be suited for your ability. We have a ski on stand by to access remote places and offer a little more of a thrill to those willing.