Surfboard Repairs

Surfboard Repair, from dings to snaps, get in touch!

If your surf board needs a little bit of work or some thing major we can do it all here in our bay at South Pacific Surf Repair. From rail cracks, punctures, crease, nose rebuilds, fin boxes resets and every thing in between we have you covered. All our repairs are strictly done at professional standard with every ding be covered with at least 3 layers of cloth to add ultimate strength and finished with a hot coat, then colour matched so your boards look as good as new.

If you would like an estimated quoted price on your repair before the work is done feel free to email me a pic or send to me via facebook messenger on our facebook page. We also can pick up your damaged boards and have them repaired and dropped back to you as part of the service when arranged to help save the hassle! so if your board needs some loving get it to me here at South Pacific Surf Repairs. Yeeew.

Surfboard Repair Pricing

  PU Epoxy Sup/
Surf Club
Minimum Repair
(up to 100mm)
$70 $80 $120
Large Ding
(Up to 200mm)
$120 $150 $200
Crease $150 $200 $300
Nose Snap $150 $200 $300
Shortboard Snap $260 $350  
Longboard/Sup Snap $400 $450  
FCS 1 Plugs $80 $100 $120
Future Fin Box $110 $110 $110
FCS 2 Fin Box Repair $120 $120 $140
Long Board/Mini Mal Slider Box $140 $160 $180
Glass in Fin Repair
(excluding price of new fin)
$125 $150 $200

Prices in the above table are just an estimated indication upon inspection, the total repair cost may be less dependent on the extent of damage.

For exact specialised colour matching it will incur an extra fee, but all repair work done will be matched with shelf/stock colours as best as possible to maximise the best result for your repaired board.

Please note your baord will be store in secure locked premised over the duration of the repair. All care will be taken, however, we accept no responsibility for boards in the occurrence of an event outside of our control.

How long do repairs take?

Repairs roughly take 1 to 2 weeks unless discussed prior. If you’re needing a quick repair, please call and let us know when you need it back by as we can normally make it happen if needed urgently.

Need a fix? Don't let dings keep you out of the water!

Drop your board into us and we’ll give you a cost estimate of what it will cost to repair.