kids Holiday surf camps

Our surf camps offer your child an unforgettable experience in which your child becomes familiar with the sea, gets to know the children in the group and himself. The children go through an experience of empowerment and development while having a lot of fun and feeling of freedom.

Camp Info:

The South Pacific Surf camps take place during summer and school holidays in shark alley, near Mount Maunganui main beach. Every camp is 10 days long (Mon-Fri for 2 weeks).

 In our surfing camps, the number of places is limited in order to ensure the quality of instruction, safety and the personal treatment we give to each child. During the ten days of the camp, the kids go through a structured professional, social and educational process. Our skilled instructors are responsible for a group of kids and its goal is to form them as a group, teach them about the sport of surfing and the sea and give them maximum confidence during their entire stay at the camp.


It is important to know that South Pacific Surf School follows all safety rules and regulations. Our instructors are cer tified and experienced with extensive knowledge in the field of teaching people to surf. There is one instructor for every  5-7 children (depending on ability and age) so that the children are under constant supervision in the water and on the  beach. In addition, the Surf School works with new and advanced equipment that is integral to keeping children safe.  The Surf Camps are held at Mount Main Beach, a beach with a flat sand bottom which provides optimal conditions for a  safe and secure learning environment. 

Smart in the Sun 

During the surf camp, the children have frequent refreshment breaks in the shade, where they eat, drink water and  apply more sunscreen. The instructors are aware of the importance of drinking enough water during strenuous athletic  activity that accompanies the prolonged exposure to the sun. All the children must wear a hat if they are not in the  shade or surfing at all times. 

Personal Attention 

The students are divided into groups of up to 14 children where each group has two instructors. This ratio allows  instructors to give children individual attention and to accompany them closely throughout the camp. The small groups allow children to become familiar with each other and go through an experience that gives them improved  self-confidence, life skills, physical fitness and a broad understanding of different situations of the ocean. 

Daily routine:

  • 8:30 arrival, get organised (wetsuits, hat, sun cream and water). Kids will then head to their instructor and their group where they will have an opening circle where the instructor explains what’s happening throughout the day.
  • 8:45 Warm up + technique practice 
  • 9:00 Surf Session #1, groups enter the water individually 
  • 10:30 Lunch Break, food, plenty of water, rest in the shade 
  • 10:45 Theoretical lesson 
  • 11:05 Surf Session #2 
  • 12:35 finish activities, pack-up, get organized 
  • 12:50 finishing circle where the groups summarize the day and plan for tomorrow 
  • 1:00 Camp is finished, pick up time

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Our surf camps take the child outside the formal framework and safely lets him experience a unique feeling of being  outdoors, to cope with himself and with the ocean and reach new heights. 

Our surf camps take place at Main Beach in Mount Maunganui, Monday to Friday, from 8:30am – 1pm. The surf camps  are for children ages 7 – 15. 

All that is required is a basic knowledge of swimming and a will to learn and enjoy. 

    Camp Dates

    Camp 1

    First Camp is 2 days shorter (8 days and 540$ instead of 600$) due to christmas and new years

    Week 1 :21/12/20 – 24/12/20

    Week 2: 28/12/20 – 31/12/20

    Camp 2 Week 1: 4/1/21 – 9/1/21
    Week 2: 11/1/21 – 15/1/21
    Camp 3 Week 1: 18/1/21 – 22/1/21
    Week 2: 25/1/21 – 29/1/21