Surf Education

An NCEA-certified surf program for secondary school students.

School Surf Lessons at Mt Maunganui

Surfing is a great way to challenge, entertain and teach your students. Our NCEA Achievement Standard surf courses are designed to teach students the principles of surfing and water safety.

We offer NCEA surf education for Levels 1, 2 & 3. These programmes are designed to build confidence, create an understanding of safety while surfing, and much more.

Students love our surf school. It is designed to be fun, while also engaging and interesting. Our professional instructors communicate key principles clearly, whilst creating an enjoyable, safe surf environment for the class.

What do students learn?

How to Surf

The students are taught:

  • How to properly control and maneuver a surfboard
  • How to find and catch a wave
  • How to Pop-up
  • Advanced maneuvers such as bottom turning, trimming across the wave, and performing a top turn or cutback

Surf Safety

The students are taught:

  • How to behave responsibly and safe while surfing
  • Risk management strategies while surfing
  • How to assess an area to ensure it is safe and suitable for surfing
  • How to be proactive and helpful towards others.

Physical Education

The students are taught:

  • The principles and methods of training in movement contexts
  • The functions of different muscles and parts of the body when surfing
  • The fundamental movements and styles of surfing

On the 15th March we brought 90 Year 11 Physical Education students to take part in both surfing and paddleboarding lessons with South Pacific Surf Co. These activities were designed to provide students with experiences to write about for their assessment.

This is the second year we have worked with South Pacific Surf Co. and have found that both the planning and execution of the day ran smoothly. I was consulted at all stages and found that all staff were helpful and professional. Any requests that I had were completed promptly. During the day everything was set up prior to our arrival and staff had clear instructions on where everything was and how to get there. This made the day run smoothly.

All students had a great time and most achieved success by standing up while surfing. This is a testiment to the instructors ability to teach the skills and to create a fun and safe learning environment.

If looking for a surf school that is proven to manage large school groups, I encourage you to approach Travis and the team at South Pacific Surf Co.

Daniel Powell
Head of Department – Health & Physical Education
Te Awamutu College

Safety Comes First

We take the safety of your students seriously. Our trained instructors follow all safety protocols to keep the group safe at all times.

Additionally, your students will learn how to stay safe while surfing. This will help them identify and assess risks more carefully and surf responsibly.

Achievement Standards

NCEA Level 1

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NCEA Level 2

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NCEA Level 3

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