8ft ” South Pacific Surf Co” Foam Surfboard


The “South Pacific Surf CO”  rounded square soft top surfboard is suitable and safe for all skill levels. Either from learning the basics in the white wash or going forward into the next stage when starting to learn the logistics of trimming and turning on unbroken waves.

Features include double reinforced hand-chosen, treated and cured wood stringers technology for superior strength.

The EPS foam is machine-shaped with 6oz top and bottom internal epoxy core, featuring a high-density lightweight outside IXPE deck on top and an HDPE reinforced plastic bottom for a quick plane and exhilarating speed. Due to the make of the blank any minor damage can be repaired with epoxy solar resin to help seal the damage and get young ones back in the water.

The internal EPS foam also features internal top and bottom nylon/fiberglass heat laminated sandwich construction for maximum strength and thrust.

With FCS 2 fin boxes this allows a wide range of fin choice, from soft gel fins to maximise safety at the start of the surfing journey but then as the confidence and ability level transforms the option to add fiberglass fins to help increase the level of precision.

Included :

– Standard gel fins

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